Monday, May 6, 2013

Chapter 2.16- Betrayed

This is your warning!
More Sim Buttocks appear this chapter!
Turn back now or forever hold your peace. 

          “Music blaring and a screen over the door this early in the morning? I thought ya said she wouldn’t be up this soon and we'd be surprisin' her?” A slightly rough voice sounded over the radio still blaring on the fridge.
          “She’s not normally,” a second, softer, voice answered.
          “Well, go put that basket on the counter and let’s go and see if she’s roused or it she just sleeps with that racket goin’ normally.”

          Estella had turned to the dining room and pulled up short. Behind her, Sally gasped.
          “Has there been a break in and she slept through it with the music so loud?”
          “I dunno, Sally. But it’s best we keep quiet and make sure yer cousin is ok. Hopefully the scoundrel who did this is gone by now.”
          And they tiptoed around the mess on the floor.

          There was a puddle of water on the floor both stepped over. The vase looking pathetic on its side.
          Going to view the living room Estella snorted with derision.
          Sally snapped her view to her mother, concerned, before looking back at the floor in front of her.
          Seeing a bra in front of the end table and the lamp on it's side triggered a nearly identical reaction from Sally.
          “Oh,” she giggled. “She’s not been robbed at all. Wow! What on earth were they doing to make this kind of a mess though?”
          “That’s enough,” Estella cut her off. “You’re too young to know such details.”
          Behind her, Sally rolled her eyes taking a better look at the dining room with a smirk on her face.

          Estella stepped over the pants on the floor, then over a gem with a ginger step.
          “Dear Watcher! What a mess. Is yer cousin usually this messy?”
          “No. I’ve never seen the house like this,” answered Sally. She had found Layla’s tank top on the floor and had hooked it on the tip of her boot.
          “There was that one time she hadn’t swept her kitchen in like 2 days and when I pointed it out she freaked that I’d noticed,” Sally added, putting the shirt back and following her mother through the mazelike path to the hallway. “But after that nothing was ever out of place.”

          With a look of disgust Estella stepped over the boxers, her eyes barely resting on the panties in the corner when she stopped.
          Sally had just encountered all the underwear and had stopped herself when Estella brought a finger up to her lips and gave her daughter a terse warning look.
          Listening hard, Sally could hear low tones coming from the bedroom beyond. Whoever Layla had spent the night with was still here!
          A twinkle in her eye, Estella leaned in closer to Sally and whispered “If you’re lucky, my Lovely, you’ll get to have breakfast with a mayoral candidate this morning.”
          Clamping a hand to her mouth, Sally had to stifle a giggle.
          “Stay here,” Estella whispered again.

          With stealthy steps and a light hand Estella pushed open the door gently and the voices within sounded louder.
          For a moment only, Sally stood. Then she lightly picked her way across the hall to peek in the door. Her mother had finally made it in, but she was standing stock still.

          Stopping as she got a better view of what was in front of her Sally felt like she’d received a frying pan to the face and her jaw dropped.
          Beside her, her mother looked oddly triumphant. Like she’d just confirmed something she’d known in the back of her mind.

          It was the most uncomfortable moment of Sally's life and she shrank back behind her mom. They should have knocked. Then her mother decided to make it worse.
          “Well,” she announced loudly, making the couple jump and gasp. “Well we did bring by some fresh eggs for breakfast, but it looks like you’ve got all ya need!”
          Ignacio flattened himself against Layla whose horrified face shone over his shoulder.
          “We’ll just be goin’ then,” And Estella pushed Sally out of the room closing the door firmly behind her.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

          The pair lay still for a long while as both digested what had just happened.
          Ignacio finally pushed himself up to sit on the side of the bed. Afraid he was going to leave her Layla quickly went to wrap her arms around him. She wasn’t ready to let him go just yet.
          “I need to go,” he said huskily.
          It was such a switch. Just moments ago they had been happily chatting, ignoring that morning had arrived and along with it had come the time to face the music. Now the atmosphere was heavy and the air strained.
          “No,” she pled. “Please don’t go, yet.”

          “I have to go and talk to Ned as soon as possible, before your aunt or cousin manage to get this out to the rest of town. I have to explain,” he said.
          “Explain what?” she asked, burying her face in the back of his neck. “Was this only a mistake for you, is that why you're leaving so quickly?”
          As she said it her heart hammered and her stomach plummeted. She couldn't face the fact that she might have thrown herself at someone who couldn't even bring himself to look at her now. But could she blame him? She had potentially cost him his job with her actions.
          “No,” he said, pulling her to sit beside him instead of behind. “No, it was not a mistake. But I’ve just betrayed my friend and I need to see him and tell him myself before he finds out in a less pleasant method.”

          “And just what are we explaining? We haven’t made any decisions,” she said, reaching up to stroke his cheek as his words sank in. If Ignacio had betrayed Ned, so had she. And he was right. Ned could find out through them or through the town's penchant for gossip. Though it would be awful to tell him in person it would be worse to for them all to ignore it. It also added to the tally of things she had lost for them both in the course of a single night. She sighed heavily. How much damage would have to be repaired? And why on Sim Planet would Ignacio want to be around the sim who cost him so much?  “Maybe we should talk first before we go talk to Ned. I’m in this as much as you are.”
          “But every moment I wait is another opportunity for someone else to tell him,” his voice had hardened a little. “No offense, but your cousin and your aunt are the two biggest gossips in town. Everyone will know about this by the end of the day. And it is the day of the election also. I’ve got to go to him.”

          Pushing his jaw with her thumb, Layla finally managed to get Ignacio to look at her.
          “What are we explaining?” she asked again. “Was it only last night? Or might it last longer? And you won’t go alone. He deserves my confession as well.”
          “I would like to think that last night was not a one time thing. but it is not for me to decide. Ned considered you his girlfriend.”

          “Okay, well I don't want it to be a one time thing either. So that's a start,” Layla stroked his cheek, feeling a little better, but still a knot twisted in her gut as she thought about the explanation she needed to give to Ned. She highly doubted he would consider her his girlfriend after he heard what she had done. “And I know Ned thought of me as his girlfriend, but I didn't really feel that way about him. I’m the one who forced last night and led him to believe that I had any feelings for him. You don’t need to apologize the way I do.”
          Ignacio frowned. “He’s going to be very upset, Mi Llamita. Are you sure you want to be in there?”
          Nodding, she tried to smile a little and failed miserably. “I think I can handle it. I kinda think I have to.”

          Ignacio still looked glum and dubious. She'd have to reassure him. After all, if she had been able to leave Anthony behind, she could do it to Ned too. It wouldn't be fun, it certainly wouldn't be pretty, and the discomfort all three would feel would be pretty awful for a while but at least they would all be able to move on afterward

          Blushing, her eyes didn’t waiver from his as she moved to stand in front of him. “Look, as I said last night: I don’t want Ned. I want you. So long as you stand by my side when I tell him how horrible I am, and then maybe come and see me another night I’ll be ok.”
          “You do not know what you are asking for,” he said, running his hand up her back.
          “I think I do,” she said, tracing his ear with her thumbnail. “Just don’t apologize for me. I should never have betrayed him like that. And now it’s my fault that I’ve ruined your relationship with him too.”
          “But I will have you now.”
          “Just as I'll have you.”

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

The two did indeed make it to Ned before the gossip reached his ears.
Ned never met Ignacio on friendly terms again.
 Layla, he simply ignored.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

I crushed Ned. I feel bad about it, but this wasn’t how the generation was ever originally planned. The story changed a lot when I rolled for Generation 3. And, uh, btw, there is still no roll reveal. We’re not done yet.. I just figured I'd go ahead and quit actively tormenting Ned for a little while at least. Poor guy. Also, there is an outtake up for this chapter as well as a blooper of Cruz Martingale who happened to amuse me one night.


  1. Ohh, liked the little follow up caption at the end. It reminds me of when you're watching a historical movie or documentary or something and they flash outcomes on the screen at the end.

    So that was awesome. I loved Estella and Sally coming in and finding the house like that. I imagine Estella might've been smiling at the chance to stir up the gossip mill, so it's a good thing Ignacio and Layla went right to Ned. And that's only fair. She knew her feelings for Ned weren't strong even before she got involved with Iggy. And now we have a new couple! That was both sweet and sad, her trying to not make sure it was a one time thing, but also sweet that he didn't want it to be a one time thing either.

    1. Thank you. I really wanted to give a little closure to that bit for Ned's sake and that worked best.

      I think Estella probably was happy for the excuse to have something really juicy to pass around. Most likely made many an old gossip's day to hear it. lol.

      Yeah, they did a slightly-not-so-bad thing by going to tell Ned quickly. Ignacio genuinely felt Ned was a friend to him and I think in a way he was kind of feeling what Ned was going feel. Also, if he hadn't reminded her I almost wonder if she would have really realized just how far reaching the consequences of her actions might be. Even if that only extends to Ned right now.

      She got kinda clingy there didn't she? lol.

  2. I had a Goldilocks moment when Sally and Estella realized that whoever made the mess was still here.
    I loved that whole scene.

    1. Lol! I didn't even get that parallel until now! Ha! 'Somebody's been sleeping in my bed, and she's still here!' That's awesome.


  3. Awww, poor Ned. To lose the girl AND the election, that's a hard thing to take. Oh, and a friend!

    I'm glad that Layla and Ignacio fessed up before Ned found out through the rumor mill, that would have been worse. It'll be interesting to see where their relationship goes from here. =)

    1. Ned just lost a lot in one fell swoop didn't he? We'll give his story a little more closure next time though. Just to make sure I don't burn his house down or anything, lol

      Yes. I'm very glad they were able to do that too. I wasn't up for the whole clandestine bit right now. Ha! Seeing how things develop with two such strong personalities should be really interesting to see.

  4. Love Estella's prudeness and Sally's innocence. What a great mix :p "You're too young to know such details" (not exact quote, I don't think) worked perfectly.
    And love that they thought it was a break-in. It does look like someone's broken in and messed the place up.
    I burst out laughing when Estella told Sally she'd be having breakfast with a Mayoral candidate :p She clearly didn't expect this, and I tried to imagine Ned being that passionate... Lol, doesn't fit.

    But OMG! Can you imagine your elderly aunt and young cousin walking in and finding you like that?! I don't even want to imagine... AWKWARD!!

    I didn't expect Layla to get that clingy over Iggy. I thought she'd be embarrassed by the whole thing, and go back to hating him now the passion is spent. I hope it made Ned feel a little better knowing she's happy now. I can't see Ned containing Layla's personality anyway, so things could have got really out of hand. Ignacio has this control over her, whether it's because she's attracted to him, and subconciously wants to impress him, or because he's just a strong person, it works better than Layla and Ned would.

    Love the careful camera angles in the naked scene ;)
    Poor Ned :( *hugs Ned, he needs it*

    1. No! But I think they were still so taken aback by what they found, and with the information they had both were fairly certain it would be Ned and so they assumed without really looking around. (There was no sweater would have been a good clue for them, huh? Ha!)

      Uh, yeah I can imagine it. LOL.

      Had they not been caught I'm not sure she would have pulled the Saran Wrap move she did. Layla doesn't want to be classified as 'that' type of girl, despite what just happened and if her and Iggy suddenly started hating each other in public she felt she would have been exposed as that. Ensuring he'll come back sometime at least makes it more than a simple one night stand.

      Thank you. There were no creative vases I could have put anywhere. Ha! I've actually got an outtake for this one I forgot about until you said that. But I'll have to put it on here with the adult warning.

      Yes. Ned needs hugs. He probably will even accept them not even realizing a girl is hugging him. He's in a pretty low place right now.

    2. What the hell is a 'Saran Wrap move'? :| Must be an Americanism.

      Creative vases. LOL!

      Aww, Ned. How far can I take this? *pecks on cheek*

    3. Sorry to spam, but I just had the most hilarious captcha.
      "officer ofisther"
      If you say them out loud they sound the same. LOLOLOL!!!

    4. Uh, on him like white on rice? Saran wrap is the plastic cling wrap for leftovers, or covering dishes or whatever. Basically it means she was clinging on for dear life.

      He'd notice that. Ha! He'd probably jump like you'd shocked him and then let you hug him again only. lol.

      *giggle. good Captcha!

    5. Oh, you mean cling film! See, it has a sensible name here. The name describes what it is too.

      Sorry, Ned! :p

    6. "See, it has a sensible name here. The name describes what it is too."

      Yeah, like rubbers, which are used for rubbing.

    7. LOL!

      And wait... what is it you called that sale you went to this weekend? Cause I have never before witnessed cars wearing boots, nevermind selling them.


    8. Exactly! Rubbers for rubbing :)

      And boot as in the boot of a car! Like you can talk. Cars don't have trunks, they're not elephants. And a market just for fleas?

      Lol!!! :p

    9. If you buy clothes you just might be buying the fleas! Oooooooooh! Snap! lol.

      What about these salt cellars? Why do you need a cellar just for your salt? My cellar carries far more precious goods. Wine! Ha!

    10. Ew. Not going to a flea market then!

      I had to sit here and try and work out what the hell you meant by 'salt cellar'.... Nobody has cellars anymore. You all have basements, but we have fridges over here now so cellars are very rare on new-builds.
      You mean salt SELLER! It's a game played with a piece of paper origami-ed up. Is that what you meant?
      Of course, those ones are the 'right way up', so you can actually sell salt out of them.

      I just googled 'salt cellar', and it's a dish for salt?! Why would anyone need that when we have shakers? :|

      So this is confusing now, because I don't know which you meant or if you meant a third option that I don't know about...

    11. Aw, it's not too bad if you're going to buy Not cloth items. Lol.

      Alrighty. My wonderful British Brother-In-Law told me y'all called salt shakers salt cellars. Really. So now I know he was pulling my leg and I can go and bop him over the head! So thank you! Cause Joe is about to get it! ;D

      And, uh, Salt Seller? eh? A game about selling salt with origami? My turn for the confusion.

    12. Hope you don't mind me chipping in, but salt cellars were the precursor to salt shakers. For a long time in history there was a huge social status in where people were sat in relation to where the salt cellar was placed on the table ("above the salt") :)

    13. Don't mind at all! Nice of you to join us!

      Ah Ha! So was he only half pulling my leg then? Though I believe he meant it currently in the context in which he said it. He likes making fun of me since between my curiosity and my gullibility it's incredibly easy to do. And as I've never been to England I believe whatever he tells me with a great big "Wow! Really?" And then repeat it like I might actually know what I talk about. *facepalm

      Oh that's where that came from. Neat!

  5. Poor Ned *hugs him lots* I did love the bit at the end, for some reason it worked better than watching them have the whole (doubtless awkward & painful) scene.

    1. Yeah, Ned got a really raw deal. Thanks! I thought so too. I figured you knew enough of what happened to kind of fill in the blanks your own way. Plus it meant I could leave Ned alone for a little while.

  6. Ugh. I wanted to punch Estella in her ugly, meddling mouth. Ahem. I mean, Layla deserved to face the music. Especially the way she leaves the doors open. All. The. Time. But I just can't stand busybodies who pretend to be nice to your face, but really just want to spread hateful gossip.

    1. Oh, me too! Those people drive me batty. And Estella has been itching to show Layla her place in town for a little bit now as she's kind of jealous of Sally's attention to her. But we won't see her much anymore either. Not that Layla will want to see her after that. Yikes.

  7. *receives lesson in salt* I knew that whole bit about being seated near the salt. I like salt. I'm ALWAYS sitting near at least one salt shaker, so when I learned that, I liked it. :)

    Now, to comment on the chapter:
    Ugh! I have the worst knot in my stomach. I'm glad you didn't make me wait (not that I really have to) to find out how Ned reacted to the love affair. BUT, I'm so worried that Ignacio will bail. Maybe, from past experience, I should be more worried that Layla will break Ignacio's heart, but I think Layla probably wants Ignacio for keeps. He's got that bit of exotic in him that draws her.

    1. Lol! The things you can learn reading sim stories! =D

      Ignacio didn't leave the greatest first impression, so feeling that is reasonable. It's also reasonable to think Layla won't last with her history. However, you're also quite right that she's drawn to him. That's only happened once before and she likes that.

  8. Wow. Ned REALLY was in for some disappointment. Losing his girlfriend and his best friend... ouch.

    Aunt Estella is kind of horrible! Sure, check on your niece if you think there's been a burglary. But as soon as you see the underwear and realize what's going on, you should leave. Come on. After all, Estella is the one that lectured Layla on decency not too long ago!

    1. Well... At least the town felt bad for him? Yeah. He was too nice.

      Aunt Estella was top hen on the pecking order and wasn't about to let this slip without the opportunity for gossip it provided. Aaand backstory that never made it to the light of day... She had always judged Buck *really* harshly. Her ambitions for Trigger had been 'thwarted' when Buck ran off 'saddling' them with the family farm to run. Was that Trigger's view? no. However... Anyhow, so Estella is kind of glad to have another opportunity of slamming Buck through his daughter. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree kind of thing.