Thursday, May 9, 2013

Downloads- Tattoos- Graded Tribal Cross

This one was originally for Layla for her hip. But now I'm not so sure, (it's just a little too sharp for her.) Anyhow, it's still nifty and I like it. Again- I take no credit for the design and freely admit I can't draw. You can check out today's design here and make the artist happy. Aw? Aren't you nice for clicking on that? Now then. Where's our Lovely Model? Ignacio! Why don't you show the nice folks today's goods?

Lovely dear. Like a walk on a beach.

Graded Tribal Cross- Outlined

Three fully recolorable channels

One recolorable Alpha Channel.

Three presets. Simple enough really.

Graded Tribal Cross- No Outline

Then we put a little twist on it. My way of course. Now we've taken out the alpha channel for a smoother color.

Lighter colors pop more against darker skin tones this way also.

Still three presets for your choosing pleasure. Set all three colors the same for a solid colored cross.

Ignacio not included.


As per usual, My Thanks to CMar for the Tattooinator and my wonderful GIMP for allowing me to make my prettiez. And then to LeeFish and again to CMar for the tutorials on how to do this. And finally, thanks to Ignacio for putting up with my CAS torture of him. Much love to you all. MMMWWWUUUAH!!!
And don't just download it, tell me you love it! Leave a Comment!


  1. I *really* like this one! Love the gradient. love it.

  2. Thank you. I like how it turned out myself!

  3. it's not Tuesday...?

    But I agree, I love this one too. I'm going to have so many custom tattoos at this rate... *downloads*

    1. lol. I have another one I want up on Tuesday, and I'm trying to get through the majority of the early ones I did so I can move on to prettier things. But I'm glad you like it!