Friday, May 3, 2013

Downloads- Tattoos- Wick'd and The Howling

The names alone made you look twice didn't they? I bet the goods will make you look twice too.

So, for once, I have permission from an artist and I'm begging you to visit his page 'cause his freehand symmetry is absolutely mind blowing.  And the balance between the delicate curves and elegant lines with a razor sharp edge makes me weak in my knees. Most likely Layla will end up with one of them one day.

And now that you're in love with MarWash's art I'm bringing out our lovely Model. Iggy? Would you mind?

This is The Howling by MarWash. It's two masked figures facing off. But I think it looks like an insanely awesome lower back butterfly. OMG it's gorgeous. Again, make it too big and you're asking for a little distortion since some of the lines are super thin. This will most likely be what Layla gets.

This is Wick'd by MarWash. Doesn't the name fit? God, I love it. To me that's two tiny little dragons facing off. Again. Pure Awesomeness.

These are one channel only.

Don't ask about the butterfly on the lower back yet.

Or the dragon on the back of Ignacio's neck. Don't ask yet. I've got a two week vacation coming up this summer to go and fry myself alive in HotLanta and I want something to keep you all occupied while I'm away. Anyway, enough about my boring summer vaca. Go Get The Goods!!!!

Download The Howling

Download Wick'd

Many Many Many thanks to MarWash for his most gracious permission in letting me make these into dangerously elegant sim tattoos. You, sir, are remarkable and I am in awe of your work. Seriously. I can only dream of drawing like that.

Thanks to CMar for his Tattooinator. Thanks also to CMar and LeeFish for the tutorials I read a bajillion times to make these lovelies. And I used GIMP to make my prettiez. All of you are Aces in my book!

Leave me a comment! Tell me you love them! Did your simmy get one of these as a tattoo? Send me a pic! I'd love to see it and I'd love to show the author that you love it! Maybe I'll even stick the pic onto this post as an ingame shot for demo! (no CAS screenies please)

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