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Chapter 2.20-and Ours Seems to be Shared

          “Don’t you look cozy?” The gate had clicked shut as a slightly husky woman's voice sounded. Layla’s eyes widened and she craned to see this newcomer. Ignacio, however, lowered his head and groaned.

          “Well,” the woman demanded. “Are you going to introduce me at least?”

          Layla stood, turning to get a better look at who this was. She was skinny, and her dark hair and light eyes reminded her a bit of Sally. Only Sally’s hair wasn’t as raven and the skin tone didn’t match Sally’s.

          “No! Why did you follow me? I am not five! You do not have to keep constant watch over my shoulder,” Ignacio’s voice was taut and exasperated.

          Layla walked over closer to her slowly, unwilling to look away.

          “Really! I am not a little boy! I am a grown man and I am doing nothing wrong being over here. You just cannot get it into your head that you do not need to know my every move!” Ignacio continued to rant, whining and pleading. He may have professed to be a grown man, but he really did sound like a five year old.

          Looking the woman deep in the eye Layla slowly began to offer her hand and a smile. With a squawk Ignacio grabbed her wrist, shoving it back to her side.

          “No! I will Not permit her to touch you! She doesn’t have that right! It’s my life!” Turning to the woman: “You will not touch her! Do-Not-Touch-Her!”

          The woman finally gave Ignacio a withering look. “Pull yourself together Ig-na-ci-o. You’re so worried I’m going to lose you your latest fling , but you’re going to lose her all on your own if you keep it up.”

          “But I don’t want you interfering like you always do!” he said.

          Layla’s eyes shot between the two. What on sim planet would make him act like this? What did this woman have over him?

          “I only interfere to protect you, as you very well know,” she said calmly. “And with the scene she’s just witnessed you’re going to have to introduce me. You've left yourself no choice.”

          Narrowing his eyes at the woman for a brief glare, Ignacio made an effort to soften his face before turning to Layla.

          “Layla, this is my mother, Mrs. Sabria Guerra,” his were clipped, like it hurt him to even say the words. “Mami, this is Layla Sixkiller, our neighbor.”

          Both women’s eyebrows shot up.

          “-The neighbor? You’re introducing me as the neighbor?”

          “-For PlumbBob’s sake Ignacio. I can see she’s more than the neighbor. Spit it out.”

They spoke at the same time. Sabria’s last three words hung in the air making Ignacio wince.

“I’ve been seeing her for some time now. I lost my job with Ned over her.”

          Laughter suddenly bubbled out of Sabria and Layla giggled at the woman’s mirth.

          “Oh, it’s time for that again,” he muttered darkly, pacing away a few steps then pacing back.

          “Are you the one? Well thank PlumbBob you’re all he’s been slipping off to see. I thought- well- I’m glad you managed to slip away from old Neddy and get my son away from him, too! I have to say you certainly did it in style didn’t you? Flinging the engagement ring in his face yelling about your love of my boy in the middle of the road?”

          “Oh no,” Layla opened her arms, hoping to show she had nothing to hide while she contradicted this. “No nononono. No. No. We weren’t engaged. We kissed. Once. And he considered me his, but I wasn’t and- Is that really what’s going around town?”

          “It’s the story one of my clients told me,” Sabria looked slyly at Ignacio. “I figured if it wasn’t true you would have told me otherwise. Obviously it’s not, and I should have known the town would blow it out of proportion. I take it you’re not carrying his child either? And it doesn’t look like you cavort in the nude while outside.”

          “No!” both game emphatic negatives, making Sabria laugh again.

          “You should have told me, son,” she said. “Then I wouldn’t have needed to follow you home.’

          Lips parting as though he wanted to say something, Ignacio gasped slightly before frowning at his mother. A light switched on behind his eyes and he gazed at Layla as she smiled at Sabria, telling her of how her brother had walked in on her dancing in her underwear in her kitchen and of the star gazing party gazing at her dancing in her pjs one night. Most likely that was the source of that particular rumor.

          Layla went on to tell Ignacio’s mother how Ned had actually found out, conveniently though, she left out being walked in on by Estella and Sally. She’d just met this woman and it didn’t exactly seem like the type of thing to tell her right then.

          Ignacio watched her as though entranced. The conversation between his mother and Layla was suddenly pleasing to him. It was going far better than he could have imagined. Though he still hoped it wouldn't last too long.

          Guessing at how well she was doing was easy for Layla. Ignacio’s body language was an open book. He leaned toward her, occasionally brushing her arm with his in between adoring looks thrown her way. She was surprised that his mother’s approval could cause such a change in his attitude. He could be soft when he wanted, but usually he was as prickly as she.

          “Well,” Sabria said, “It was very nice to meet you Ms. Sixkiller. I’ll leave you both in peace now.”

          Sighing with relief Ignacio was about to give her a verbal shove on her way when-

          “Why don’t I put a pot of coffee on, and we can all go inside and visit more comfortably?”

          Ignacio wanted the ground to open up and swallow him. Did Layla really just invite his mother in? Putting on a weak smile he hoped his Mami would see and would go on home. Surely Papi was home by now and would be wondering where she was.

          “You’re so sweet to offer, thank you. I’d love a cup of coffee. Not to mention some more time visiting with you.”

          “And I’d love to get to know you better, too.”

          Why didn’t anvils really fall from the sky? Like in the cartoons? It would make life so much simpler sometimes.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

          Thankfully for Ignacio, the lull created as Layla bustled about the kitchen made the atmosphere awkward since the flow of conversation had been lost.

          Sabria took small sips only, watching her son closely. He had decided to stare past her into the living room. Layla sat dumbly staring at the windows. What on Sim Planet had possessed her to invite this woman into her house for coffee?

          “Ignacio started sneaking out to the gym when he was 14,” Sabria broke the silence. “He was such a scrawny little boy and wanted to be bigger and make the girls like him more.”

          “Madre!” Ignacio whispered harshly.

          “Well it’s true,” Sabria only looked at him momentarily before looking again at Layla. “He was tired of the bigger farm boys getting all the attention from the girls. It was his turn he said. And now look at him. So buff.”

          “We wouldn’t even have known about it if he hadn’t pulled a muscle and the trainer on duty that night called,” she said.

          Layla could sense Ignacio’s discomfort and tried to make light of the story by staring at her mug. Maybe she could count the dregs if she stared hard enough. One…

          To Ignacio’s intense relief the conversation about how he worked out dropped after that. Layla’s eyes were clouded with worry and he cast about trying to come up with a way to bring the situation to a close.

          When he’d originally came over he’d figured he would be staying the night. He still wanted that outcome, but was afraid the only way to get his mother to go would be to leave himself. Until he managed to come to terms with that leaving would be difficult. And he’d have to do it so he didn’t hurt Layla’s feelings. He was sure she had been counting on his company that night as well.

          “So when you first showed up, I admit, I was a little alarmed,” Layla said, finishing her coffee. “Ignacio hasn’t talked much about his family.”

          “He hasn’t?” Sabria asked mildly.

          “No. Actually, I think he’s only mentioned he has a sister once or twice.”

          “Iggy,” Sabria leveled a reproachful look over the top of her mug. “You’re not ashamed of us are you?”

          “No.” Maybe he wouldn’t stay the night after all.

          “My husband, Santiago, and I have three children. Nalleli, Iggy, and Raul. Then of course-”

          “-Nalleli is married and doesn’t live with my parents anymore. It’s why I don’t mention her much. But you would like her Layla. She doesn’t believe in mincing her words either.” Ignacio interrupted with a panicked look. However, Layla didn’t notice it; she was fully focused on Sabria.

          “Iggy,” Sabria said. “If you are going fishing tomorrow shouldn’t you be in bed by now? I know you have to rise early to get out there.”

          Still not quite ready to go he didn’t respond, staring at her instead.

          “Well,” Layla said. “I don’t know about you two, but I think I might have mixed up the regular and the decaf beans. Because I am buzzin’. Are you guys buzzing? I’m definitely buzzing.”

          “Yes,” Sabria said. “Yes, I think I’m feeling quite awake too. How are you doing Iggy?”

          Ignacio stood up. “I feel just fine,” he said. “But I think I need to take care of something. Excuse me.”

          “Always so careful to say the right things,” Sabria gushed just a little to Layla. “The right girl will be getting a real gem with him.”

          Confused, Layla didn’t respond. What exactly did that mean? Was it a compliment, or an insult, or just something mothers say about their beloved sons?

          The moment she heard the door in the hallway latch Sabria began to rise.

          “If you don’t mind, Ms. Sixkiller I’d like to ask you something.”

          Perplexed, Layla nodded standing as well.

          Casting a furtive glance over her shoulder Sabria weighed her words.

          “Ms.Sixkiller my son has had his heart broken by far too many women and you must understand a mother’s concern over her child’s wellbeing.”

          “Of course,” she said, slightly confused. Did this woman know how cryptic she sounded?

          “I’m so glad you understand how I feel,” Sabria simpered slightly, immediately putting Layla on her guard.

          “Please,” Sabria smiled sweetly, clasping her hands in supplication before her. “Please let me touch you? I shall know all I need to know if you will just allow me to touch you for a moment or two.”

          Totally taken aback Layla had shrank away from the other woman. But as she thought about it, what harm could one touch do?

          “Uhm,” she stammered. “Ok? I guess? Do you want to shake my-”

          “Arummmph!!!” Layla’s muffled cry of shock barely reached any other rooms in the house.

          Sabria’s hand had shot at Layla before she could finish her sentence. And then she had pushed back so hard Layla actually staggered backwards before regaining her balance.

          “Shhh! Please!” Sabria whispered in harsh tones.

          Glancing around, Layla was desperate to see Ignacio. Strangely, she found she couldn’t move much on her own. It was like the woman’s fingers were actually somehow touching her brain, probing her thoughts, sifting through her past, reading her future.

          “Yes, Yes I knew that,” Sabria muttered, frowning. "It's not in the past, it is to come."

          Trying to peek through the spread fingers, Layla was desperate to see Sabria. Maybe if the woman realized just how uncomfortable she was she’d stop.

          “Wha-Arrrr-Yuuu-Dooo-wing?” Layla finally managed to growl into the palm pressed tightly against her mouth.

          “Hush hush. I only need another minute. Really. Just relax.” Sabria said quickly.

          She immediately closed her eyes again, putting two fingertips on her temple.

          “But is it the same?” Sabria muttered again. "It is both past and future? How?"

          “Damn,” Sabria muttered. “How can it still be so far out? Will it be that momentous?”

          Layla sighed sharply. This was starting to get annoying. Where was Iggy?

          “The connection,” Sabria sighed. “It is connected, and there is that at least. Where is the final piece though? How is it completed? Wendy, I’m can’t hear him. Can you ask for me, please?”

“Thank you, Wendy,” Sabria answered herself a few moments later. “That will do for now. You’ve been most helpful once again.”

Layla was beginning to have doubts as to this woman’s sanity, and she growled a little as Sabria finally removed the hand on her face.

“Thank you my dear for your cooperation,” Sabria said sweetly. “Your compliance was extremely helpful and I will answer your questions now.”


“I learned who you are,” Sabria said matter-of-factly. “And I learned what you are to my son.”

          “I am a mother, Layla. And I worry about my children very much. Thankfully I have a means of trying to make sure they are alright, and will continue to be alright. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t going to hurt my son,” Sabria finished.

          Layla surveyed her cooly for a moment. Was this woman off her rocker?

          But Sabria seemed to understand the look. She lowered her head a little, the corners of her lips turning down.

          “Your brother is very wrong to hide from his Mother as he does. And making you keep the secret of his whereabouts is just as bad. It’s eating you alive,” Sabria said slowly. “The Anthony person would have been a poison to you. Quit worrying about his wellbeing. And if you had stayed on that island with that man things would have been about as balanced as they are going to be on your current path. There is good, there is bad, life will happen. It is still in your power to make choices that will lead to greater happiness in your future. I suggest you use the knowledge of your past to proceed with more confidence as you continue.”

          “And- And-Just try not to hurt my son too badly when you do, please,” Sabria added with a catch in her voice. “Despite all my precautions I’m afraid I’ve already lost him to you, and after you- After you there will be no other.”

          It felt as though a spell had been woven around the two women and Layla stared is fascination as a tear rolled down the cheek of her boyfriend’s mother. How had she known those things?

          “You want to go sit on the couch in the living room? We might be more comfortable there.” Layla asked a touch breathlessly, wide-eyed.

          Another tear joined the first and Sabria hastily wiped the two away.

          “I’d like that very much,” she said, nodding. “Perhaps we should get to know each other a little better. I have no idea how long we will have, but time is always precious and ours seems to be shared.”

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Ok. I’ll explain a lot of that next time. Promise. This is long enough for now and I have no idea how long it will take to explain this clearly. Obviously I’m not going to explain everything, that would give too much of it away, but I’ll explain a lot more about Sabria in particular. She’s going to be a mighty force in the story for a little while. Might as well learn more about her, huh?


  1. I. LOLed. So. Hard.

    This was SO hilarious. I'm now wide awake, (I'm buzzing, are you buzzing? I'm definately buzzing...) and it's nearly 1am, so... Thanks for that...
    Although, I should have gone to bed before you even posted this, so I guess I'm partly to blame...

    So, I'm gunna take a wild crazy guess, I think Sabria is psychic (I think Layla is the only one who doesn't know.
    Sabria seemed very upset that Iggy would never love someone after Layla! Either she secretly hates Layla, or Layla breaks his heart so bad that he'll never love again. I'm guessing you're not gunna reveal that bit, though? (Maybe she can predict the kids. 20 chapters in and not even a bump. You do know this is a legacy, right? ;p)

    I have realised from this chapter (I think it was the picture to go with 'shall we go in and get some coffee' that did it), that EA failed at windows. There's a gap under the sill where you can see into the house! O.o Crazy. Maybe they'll fix that in sims 4?

    I now NEED to get Kaity to read someones mind like that. It looks hilarious. She might do it to Shaena when she's in a bad mood, because I can think of some pretty hilarious dialog for that.

    Anyway, a 'mighty force', huh? Can't wait to see how!

    1. Nope. Not telling that bit yet. You'll have to wait and see. But Sabria is very wary of Layla right now. I can say that.

      Yes I know! I'm kicking myself right now too over the length of this one. But don't fret! It is a legacy so it has to be passed on, right? It'll happen. One wonderful (for me, Layla might kill me) day it'll happen.

      OMG. I did not see that until you pointed it out. Ouch.

      That's the perform private reading interaction. It is great funny and I was so excited to get to use it.

      Yes. She's not a passive woman at all and will make sure everyone knows that.

  2. I am not 5...? OH I just realized who she is! Well damn I had her all wrong in the last chapter, lol. Which still makes me wonder about his "with what you know about me" comment previously. hehe he really is acting like a child here though, isn't he? Too cute.

    Neighbor? Oh, Iggy. ::facepalm:: Would Sabria really have not eventually left on her own? Hmm. The past is the future? "It's still so far out?" How is what completed? Hm.

    So she saw that Layla would be Iggy's "last", but seemed to indicate that Iggy would not be Layla's last...the past is the future? A past relationship revived? So many questions.

    And just where was Iggy during all this, what is this something he had to go take care of? After he was so afraid of Sabria touching Layla, he leaves them alone together so she can do just that. And now we're all confused! :D

    1. He had a little temper tantrum. I have no idea why he stood there having a route fail tantrum, but it worked really well. lol

      I don't know. I think she's just that overprotective of her son. Really. She's a bit helicopter when it comes to him. Ok, she's Really helicopter when it comes to him.

      And you'll learn the answers to those later!

      He was probably compulsively washing his hands hoping to wash Mami off. lol.

      There are a few answers next time. A few. ;)

  3. lol, I love their buzzed coffee chat, that was too funny. I also like the whole, let me touch you scene, even though if that were me, it would creep me out, lol

    I'm a bit worried about Sabria's cryptic talk, now that Iggy and Layla have found each other, I hope nothing goes awry for them! I might even feel sorry for Iggy if Layla were to break his heart, and that is quite a turnaround from when he was first introduced!

    1. I mean really, coffee that late? If it were me I'd be in that boat with her. lol. Uh, as to the "let me tough you!" I think with folks waltzing in and out her doors without even the courtesy of knocking she's getting a little more used to accepting the out of the ordinary to a degree.

      Oh, it'll be a while before we find out what a lot of what she said meant. In some instances it'll be a really long time. Um, but all of it has a place. And it's just whether it is in Layla's past, or if it is in the shared future she references.

      And just wait until I get a chance to reveal some of his motivation for his previous actions. I love my Iggy. That's all I gotta say. Maybe not as much as Buck, but he's really pretty funny when you get past his arrogant exterior.

  4. Oh! I was pretty close! I said sister/cousin, but meh. I'm still quite proud of myself. *pats self on back*

    Maybe it's just me, but Sabria seems too young to be his mom. Is she an adult or a YA in game? She looks phenomenal for her age if she's an adult, but I can't picture how she could possibly be a YA and the mother of a YA. Although I guess she could have been a teen mom or you have longer age stages than me or something. Still, I'm always suspicious when I read your story, cause of all the unexpected twists and "secrets". Lol. =)

    Speaking of secrets, we still don't know who Tibi is. I can't figure out anyway to turn Nalleli, Santiago, or Raul into that name either (as a nick name). And the way Iggy cut off his mom when she was talking about their family. The "then of course..." line. I'm guessing, but I could be mistaken, that he has a baby at home. That's my theory. :P (But I'm always, always wrong about these things, so who knows?)

    He has a psychic mother?! That's so interesting! I suppose it's also possible that she's a scam artist who learned all about Joel and Anthony from Iggy, who knew about it from the day Layla spilled her life's story to him by the pond, but I somehow doubt it. Actually, I'm very eager to learn more about her and Iggy's family as a whole. Next chapter please! =D

    I hope the line about Layla being his last means that they'll live happily ever after together and she breaks his heart by dying of old age before him or something, but I'm not holding my breath. I just hope that however it goes down you don't make me cry! I'm quite attached to the Igster right now. *pouts*

    Let's see... What else? Who is Wendy?! Why is Sabria thankful that Layla got Iggy away from Ned?! What did Sabria think her son was really up to when he kept "slipping off"?! AND WHY DO YOUR CHAPTERS ALWAYS LEAVE ME WITH MORE QUESTIONS THAN ANSWERS?!!!! <3

    1. Hey! You noticed that they shared a nose! That's a good eye.

      I keep forgetting to check her age bar. She should be an Adult at the very youngest, but I don't see any age lines and I'm wondering if her aging might be borked. Cause Nalleli is older than Ignacio by like 7 sim days. And Iggy himself is almost a week into YA stage. So I'm with you. It's not intentional though. lol

      We'll find out who Tibi is in...2? yeah 2 chapters. So next week.

      Sabria is not a fake. I'll go ahead and say that. And she'll explain her gift next chapter. Along with Wendy. Who is a part of that.

      I'm quite fond of my Iggy too and I can't wait for him to reveal some of his backstory and motivations. He's really neat.

      Sabria is thankful that Iggy is away from Ned because their relationship was incredibly unbalanced. Ignacio took extraordinary care of Ned and his affairs (in the business sense obviously, lol.) He also looked to Ned as a friend when most of the town had turned their backs on him. And while Ned considered Ignacio a friend also, he did not always treat Ignacio as an equal. He was still a paid subordinate even though, undoubtedly, Ignacio was able to run all of that much much smoother than Ned ever will be. Now then, Ignacio did not resent that at all. In fact, he liked the backseat. He likes helping people, and he'd far rather follow than lead. So it was just a mother wanting the best for their child. As for Layla, I'm betting that she sensed a lot of Layla's inner drive pretty early on and knew that with Ned it just wouldn't have been a good match.

      Ah! That is later in the story! In fact, it'll become a rather big to do later on. You'll see!

  5. Oh that was awesome! I had a feeling Sabria might be a relative rather than a love interest last chapter and I'm so glad she turned out to be his mother :)

    I can't wait to find out what's behind all the stuff that Sabria was saying and what she's seen about Layla and Ignatio's relationship :)

    1. Yup! You got it! Not a love interest at all. That'd be kind of weird.

      We'll find out a lot of that as we go along. It took me ages to come up with some of that since it meant I had to make sure it's in the timeline and generation outline on my desk. I just hope I didn't forget any of it as we go along!

  6. Sabria does seem young to be Ignacio's mother, but then, so is Delaney, still a YA with a YA son now, And she just went and rolled a wish for grankids, lol.
    Nice use of the fortune teller interaction. I can't bring myself to show Iola doing that, it seems so wrong. But it seems to fit Sabria. Looking forward to finding out who Wendy is. And Tibi.

    1. Lol. But Sabria wasn't a teen when she had Nalleli, or Ignacio. Though I'm kind of thinking of leaving her age bar alone, at least she'll be around for a while and that could be useful.

      I had to come up with a reason for it because I agree that it's quite an extreme move. (And Iola is far too sweet to ever be able to do that to anyone, especially without warning) And then when you look close her fingertips actually are clipping in to Layla's skull. It's a good attempt by EA to pull a funny, but for practical use it's just a bit much. Anyway, we'll get the explanation for who Wendy is and just why Sabria used that move maybe today. I've got to reread some stuff and make sure it's halfway logical before I can publish.

  7. Well that was interesting. I'm relieved Sabria is Ignacio's mother - and not some "other woman." Her vision makes me concerned about Ignacio. Based on what she says ... it seems the paid might not get much of a happy ending. This makes me sad. I'm quite fond of him and hope I'm wrong.

    1. Lol. Yeah, I just couldn't have another woman on the side for him while he made Layla so happy. So it's mom. =D

      You'll just have to keep reading and see, won't you? And I'm glad you're fond of him. I'm quite fond of him too.

  8. K, one question answered and about a billion more created. Nice work! :)

  9. Such a young mom for Ignacio! I really like Sabria so far though. She's weird but cool :)
    And I love how you included the speech bubbles in the conversation! It worked really well.

    1. She was reverse engineered, and thus young because I needed her to stick around for a while. xD

      I love my speech bubbles. There are a ton of people in the community who find speech bubbles 'amateurish' and 'juvenile,' I know, but I find them to be a fun challenge. They don't always work, obvs, but still. So I'm glad you enjoyed them this time. =)