Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chapter 2.19-Time is Always Precious

          “You’ve been avoiding me, Ignacio,” her voice was just a little husky, but her tones were musical and her eyes were captivating.

          Ignacio shook his head, rolling his eyes again.

          “I know you. And I know how you are. You are avoiding me.”

          “Look, in order to continue to do business with Matthew I had to promise that I would not bring drama into his store,” he said. “This is not the time nor the place.”

          “Are you planning to be home early enough to actually speak to me?”

          Ignacio turned his head, pouting a little.

          “See? This is why I’m here. You’re purposely keeping away from me and I’m determined to find out why,” she said.

          “Look,” he finally said. “Look, I have no idea why you would think I am avoiding you. Considering we all live in the same house and I have been home more than is normal the past few days I am not entirely sure staying away from you is even possible. Besides, with what you know, I couldn’ run away if I tried.”

          “You may sit at my table and eat my food, but you are not present all the same,” she shot back. “Even Tibi has noticed that you’re just not there.”

          He threw her the dirtiest look he could muster. That was a low blow. A flash of lightning from the raging storm outside illuminated his face momentarily making him look angry indeed.

          “If Tibi has ‘noticed’ anything, or said anything about me, it is because you put her up to it,” he said, narrowing his eyes. “Tibi gets just as much of my time and attention as she did when I still worked for Ned and I’d know if she was not acting normally toward me.”

          The woman pouted, clearly put out that he wasn’t allowing her arguments to get to him.

          “You don’t even let me touch you when you are home!” she pled.

          “Just give me a hug,” she changed her demeanor to sweet and happy in a moment. “Just one hug. Or shake my hand! If you’re really not avoiding me then let my see for myself.”

          Ignacio covered his face with a hand, shaking his head.

          “No,” he said flatly, letting his hand fall back by his side. “I value my privacy, thank you.”

          “It’s not like it would hurt you,” she continued to plead.

          “It would hurt me plenty and you know it,” he shot back.

          Dropping her act, she stood firmly upright, looking squarely at him in silence for a moment. Behind her, Matthew reappeared at the register looking at the pair furtively.

          “Well then,” she said. “Will you be home tonight at least? You know our time is always precious.”

          “I was home last night.”

          “That isn’t an answer.”

          “I do not know. I have another stop after I finish here. Depending on how well that errand goes will determine when I will be home for the night,” he said wearily.

          “Well, then,” she smiled. “I guess that’s a start.”

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

          “Daddy?” She’d gone out to get the morning mail the next day thankful the heavy rain of last night had finally stopped.

“How are you?” She’d just shoved the few bills back into the box when her phone rang.

“I was swimming the other day. That's why I didn’t call when I usually do.” Normally it was her mother who called so hearing from Buck was a treat.

“Yes, I know how to swim. Just because you don’t like water doesn’t mean I don’t.” Her dad had been heavily on her mind that day. She’d almost laughed aloud thinking of the expression he’d have on his face if he could see her splashing around the little fish pond with Ignacio.

She paced a step or two nearer Ignacio’s house half hoping he’d come out and she could hand the phone to him and ‘introduce him’ to her parents. But he didn’t, so she turned and walked nearer the mailbox again, looking out over the mountains.

          “Did you guys hear from Phedra?” Phedra had been keeping in touch this time to Layla’s delight. Though communications was about to get more spotty with her as the research team she was with wound down their preparations ready to get to work at last.

          “Yeah, she’s beyond excited about that.” Phedra had told Buck and Helen that Layla had a boyfriend. Thankfully, she hadn’t given them any further information. So Layla would only have to explain the painfully embarrassing situation if Trigger or Estella told them as well as gave a name, something Layla rather doubted.

          “How’s Arden?” she asked, brushing a leaf off of her mailbox. Arden was finally expecting and Galen was thrilled. Helen and Buck were beside themselves with joy. This would be the first grandchild they would be able to hold. They didn’t know that Henry wasn’t with Phedra and George.

          “Why did she even try to do that?” Well, that wasn’t the answer she’d been anticipating.

          “Is Mom okay then?” Stupid Arden and her stupid ideas. Helen had better be alright. Galen should have stepped in and put a stop to that particular scheme his wife had cooked up.

          “Uh huh,” Layla listened intently. Suddenly she wished she were inside so the stupid birds wouldn’t be singing their stupid songs.

          “Do you want me to come home and take care of her?” ‘And beat some sense into Arden’s thick skull?’ She added in her head. Arden could use a good dose of common sense in Layla’s opinion.

          “Yes, I know what I promised Mom before I left, but-” Damn it. Trust Mom to make sure that Dad knew all about that.

          “I don’t care if it’s just a pinched nerve in her back! You just said she could hardly get out of bed, or walk! It’s not like I’ve got anything important going on and-” Dammitdammitdammit. She could take better care of her mother than Arden or her Daddy. Buck was even older than mom and couldn't help her get up an down as easily as Layla could.

          “You promise?” An in-home nurse was better than nothing. Still, Layla could do it for free and save them the expense.

          “Yeah, just let me know when she’s awake again and I’ll gladly call her to cheer her up. I’ll send some flowers or something too. Too bad you’re not closer. I’d get Aunt Estella to organize a few drop ins.”

          “Oh, wow, Dad. You have no idea how these people are.”

          “Ok, yeah I guess you do since you grew up here. Haha.” Layla chuckled. “I still kind of forget that this is home for you a lot more than Lucky Palms ever was.”

          “Maybe because you never talked about it.”

          “Yeah, just don’t hurt yourself trying to take care of Mom please.” She turned back to face the house next door.

          Why didn’t Ignacio come out?

          “I miss you, too. Yeah. Love you, Bye.”

          She really needed him right about now.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

          The day turned hazy as the temperatures climbed and Layla again found herself without the energy to do anything other than brood as afternoon rolled around. Taking a book out to her little backyard she planted herself on the bench and tried to focus on the words.

          It didn’t work.

          “Hey! You didn’ answer your phone,” Ignacio slid into the backyard with his usual quiet approach. “I called to see if you wanted to get some lunch.”

          Not in the mood to respond Layla pretended as if that particular page was quite engrossing. In reality, she wasn't sure she even remembered the title of the book.

          He stood for a moment studying her, waiting for her to respond. When she didn’t he rolled his shoulders.

          “Oh, something’s wrong, huh?”

          She still didn’t respond. He should have been home when she needed him. And that sounded childish to her and made her pout even more.

          He sat next to her, waiting for her to finally decide to talk to him.

          “My sister in law is an idiot,” Layla tucked the book away. But she still didn’t want to look at him.

          “I am assuming this is your other brother’s wife,” a smile teased his lips. “Because Miss Olivia is anything but an idiot. Sometimes a little flighty, but she is very much in possession of all her faculties.”

          Unable to resist she turned to look at him finally, a half smile making a grudging appearance.

          “You wanna laugh,” he said.

          Her grin grew fractionally.

          “You know it was a pretty poor attempt at wit and it makes you want to smile.”

          At last, she rolled her eyes and chuckled.

          “Fine, you’re right. Olivia isn’t the problem.”

          “I knew it. Now tell me what is.”

          So Layla told him about her mother being hurt and that she had promised before moving out here that she wouldn’t go home if she heard either of her parents weren’t doing well.

          It was nice to really be able to get it all off her chest without being contradicted or interrupted. Ignacio listened attentively, only offering words of comfort when she left him an opening. And before she knew it she’d managed to play the subject out and talk herself into being reasonable.

          When she’d entirely wound down Ignacio slid over, putting his arm around her shoulders.

          “It will be alright,” he soothed. “Really. She will get better and you can go to visit and not break your promise. Then you can see for yourself just how things are and you can be easy again. And when you are satisfied you will return here and the two of us can have a wonderful reunion.”

          “That’s a pretty good plan,” she said. “I might do just that. Especially that reunion part. Maybe we could practice how that might go.”

          “Mmmmm! They do say that practice makes perfect.”

            “Well, now,” a voice sounded from behind Ignacio. “Isn’t this cozy?”

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Alright, I got the notification that Helen isn’t long for the world. Then Layla inherited her camera, a film strip of Helen and Buck, and a plate of rotten pancakes. (Not cool EA) So I figured I’d set it up a little. Very obliging of Buck to call for that purpose.

Next time! We will learn who she is Next Time!


  1. Boo for having to wait :( I'm very intrigued as to who this lady is, and I have a nagging suspicion that she may *not* be a romantic connection...

    I loved Layla's conversation with Buck but I'm sad for Helen

    1. Ooooh! Suspicions! Sorry for the fact that this one contains such a small amount of anything substantial. But if I'd tacked on anymore it would have been like 50 pics. lol Next one will have a few answers, and a few more questions.

      Yeah, I'm kind of sad for Helen too, but I'm really ready to let her move on. It's her time.

  2. Well, this chapter doesn't exactly explain anything! Infact, it's just a massive question.

    We don't even know what that bitch Arden did to Helen! I mean, come on!

    You're so frustrating sometimes.
    You deserve the rotten pancakes.

    1. No, this chapter was setting up for the next dozen or so. lol. Needed to get some things set up so next time things can start moving along.

      Uh, in my head Arden had Helen try to lift, or move, something really heave and Helen probably pulled a muscle as well as pinching a nerve. Usually you wait for it to work itself out. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

      Aw... Can I put syrup on them at least?

    2. *Heavy??? wth auto correct. Heave? *facepalm. So sorry.

    3. Heave-ho! LOL!
      Ah, so she didn't beat her up or poison her? They were the only two options in my head.

      Hm... A little. Not too much!

    4. No. Nothing on purpose. Uh... Arden just didn't want to (move/lift) it because she's Totally Preggers. So instead she made her aging Mother In Law do it. Cause that's really sweet and completely smart.

  3. Wait, what? Is he planning to be home early enough to talk to her? He LIVES with her? Oh this'll be interesting. "With what you know, I couldn't run away"? Ok. WTFFFFF. Surely she must know about Layla. I mean, the whole TOWN knows about Layla. About Layla and Igz, that is. It would hurt him plenty? Oh, URKNIBUR! What is going on here!

    Ok so the whole one-sided conversation was an interesting device. I gather Helen's hurt and Arden's had some bad idea. Hopefully we'll find out what's going on?

    Oh Layla. Still so childish and self-centered. Iggy will not always be there just because you want him to be and that's no reason to snub him. I'm actually feeling sorry for Iggy so far in this chapter...poor guy, woman problems all around. Now that was very sweet, how he finally got her to laugh. Poor wit and all :D

    Rotten pancakes. Awesome. Thanks Ma.

    1. Oh she knows about Layla. Well, she knows about the incident with Ned and Layla and Ignacio. Beyond that, well... you'll just have to see.

      Eh. Arden had Helen try to lift or move something heavy and Helen hurt herself. It's not really relevant so I really didn't plan to put a lot of it in. Helen is most likely going to linger for a bit in story before she finally passes. However, she's a goner next time I go in game. Then it will be time to release Buck and I shall cry.

      Isn't she though? And yeah, it's not like he's psychic or anything. She needs to cut him some slack instead of trying to hurt him just because she's hurting. Ooooh he's in deep in this one. All the women. lol

      IKR? Actually, when I got the notification for Buck Layla inherited like 6 platters of rotten food. And a topiary. Can't forget the topiary that I couldn't get out of her inventory until I remembered how debugging cheats worked. *facepalm

    2. Well, from their conversation in this chapter, I'm surmising that Tibi is Iggy's kid and the woman is Iggy's baby-mama. So I'm dying to know what she knows about him that he alluded to. I'm gathering they live together but aren't "involved"? Although she seemed like she might want to be, from the way she was talking to him. And now just waltzing into Layla's backyard. Could be trouble for both Iggy and Layla!

  4. I'm feeling what Ali is feeling, the mystery woman doesn't read like a love interest. But she does seem to have something to hold over Ignacio's head.
    It's always great to hear from Buck, I miss him lots. What did Arden do, anyway?

    Layla, Layla, still acts like she's 16 sometimes.

    1. She has a very big hold over his head. You're right.

      In my head Arden had Helen move or lift something really heavy while Buck and Galen were out.

      Yup. I keep hoping that she's finally starting to get it, and suddenly teen Layla pops up. Might be about time to knock it into her. Really though, I kept clicking and clicking to get her to put the book away and just Look at Ignacio and she would Not. So I wrote it that way since she's acted like that for a long time. Old habits die hard sometimes.

  5. Oh, balls. What is going on here?! NEED TO KNOW. I'm sad Helen is dying. :( She certainly wasn't my favorite. But I liked how 3 dimensional her personality was. Sigh.

    1. This weekend! lol. There will be a few more answers this weekend. A few.

      Yeah, I'm not too sad at her passing either, but she was a lot of fun to torture, and no matter what she's still my founder so I love her.

  6. I feel like she's related to him somehow. Like, his sister or cousin or something. Their noses look kind of similar, but I honestly have no idea. Right now, I'm just glad you already posted your next update so I don't have to wait on pins and needles to find out! You're so mean... :P

    I lovelovelove how you incorporate random Sim behavior into your story! It always makes me laugh, and you make it flow so seamlessly. The whole thing with Layla not looking at him... Priceless. Just priceless. =D

    Also, your characters. They're incredibly life-like and realistic. I absolutely adored Buck, but I can relate more to Layla. She's so flawed, but so likeable too (in a stubborn, selfish kinda way). Even your side characters are full of personality. Like Ned. </3

    Great story! I'm really, really enjoying it!

    1. I love a good cliffhanger. lol Sorry. =D

      Hey, they're sims! Might as well treat them as such right? They think crazy things and they do crazy things and it's why we love them and do our best to force them to live our way. Ha!

      Aw thank you! I love my Buck too. Gosh. I just can't let him go. Layla is a lot of fun to delve into. I really need to put something in about her motivations. I haven't really had a chance to put it in. Maybe a convo with Iggy where I can shed a little light on why she acts like she does. But yeah, her character is really deep with all those flaws. Oh Ned. I had a great time with poor old him. lol

      Thank you! I hope it keeps your interest for a while!

  7. Sister? Uh...really young mom? Co-parent?

    1. Interesting. Co-Parent kind of fits. And it's close. Just... you'll see. xD

  8. The phone call with Buck was sweet. Aww, I miss the old guy <3

    Wow, people in Appaloosa Plains are SO rude, and mystery woman is no exception! You don't just walk into someone's garden, even if the gate isn't locked! Mystery woman is a stunner though. I wonder who she is to Ignacio!

    1. I miss Buck, too. </3

      LOL. I went really nuts with the small town trope. Haha.