Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Downloads- Tattoo- 2 Color Cross

It's that time again for Sunny's Tattoo Tuesday! And Today's Totally Teeeeeeeeriffic Tattoo is a Two channel Tross! er, Cross! Seems I got a bit stuck on the T's today, but lets face it alliteration is fun! Oh wait. I haven't introduced that yet have I? Well big rounds of applause as I proudly introduce Sunny's Tattoo Tuesday! I figure I have time enough to make one decent set of tattoos a week (when I say 'a set' I'm talking colored, graded, shaded, outlined, glittered, stickered, glued, bound and gagged, whatever of ONE image. I'm slow at handpainting ya'll and a lot of these need a lot of clean up.) And I'll trot out the newest design on Tuesdays just because Tuesdays always get overlooked. Anyway, onto the show!

Let's bring out our beloved model shall we? Ignacio?  Your shirt goes on the floor, darling. Do you mind? Much better view of the goods that way.

Preset 1 above.

I originally made this one 'cause my Ignacio needed a little something to spite his Mami with and it totally looks like him. So this one graces the back of his left calf. ('Cause, y'know, mixing religious symbolism on your body might be a good way to spite your mother. And no more spoilers for you! )

<--- Preset 2 with the opacity turned WAY up.


                         Preset 2 with default opacity --->

<--- Preset 3. Again, the opacity has been turned up. Also, 3 presets 'cause looking at Iggy's back makes me happy.

Dowload Here!!!!!!

I found this image here- I take no credit for the design.  And as it's not copywritten no one else is either.

 Also- Thanks to CMar for the Tattooinator and his tutorial. And to LeeFish for his tutorial. And I used GIMP to make it all prettiez so Thank you GIMP! You are my star.

Up Next! That awesome Tribal cross on top over there. Graded with an outline and without. It's nifty, yo.

But enough of that! Why are you still here? Leave a comment and go download the goods!