Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Downloads-Tattoos-Maple Leaf Rag

Yeah, yeah, this should have been up Last week, but power outages and tornados kind of put that off. Whatever. No storms today! Enjoy. ;)

Okay y'all. Big announcement special guest artist today! It's ME! lol. I can draw a leaf. It's easy. I can draw the veins on a leaf. They're easy. I can even scan my drawings in and pretty them up and make tattoos out of them. It's Easy! (I'm not though. So you'll have to beg. On your knees with chocolate, please.)

Ignacio? Would you care to demonstrate? So kind of you, dear. And put your arm down. We all know it would look better there. It's just not large enough there for a demonstration. Oh fine. Leave it up. Show off your muscles if nothing else.

The Maple Leaf Rag tattoo is one channel only-alpha channel

But of course I did all three presets.

Isn't it Nifty???

Anyhow, if Gemma hadn't had me looking for Leaf Tattoos I probably would never have thought of doing this so Thanks Gemma!

Download Sunny's Maple Leaf Tattoo!

Credits Section- Thanks to CMar for the Tattooinator and a Tutorial. Thanks to LeeFish for his colored tattoo tutorial. Thanks to Gemma for sending me on a search for a million different types of Leaves. And of course, a big thanks to ME! for going-huh, I can do that my own damn self. I shall forever be grateful to myself.

Quit yer readin'! Download the goods and leave a comment!


  1. LOL! You're so funny sometimes ;) I'm glad you're grateful to yourself, that's always good.

    Now I just need to work out if this is one of the ones you already sent me or not. I'm off to root through my folders.
    (I never got round to looking at them all in-game 'cus you sent pictures so I could be lazy... *blushes*)
    anyhow, thanks for running all over the internet looking at leaves :)
    And you're really good at drawing leaves, too!

    1. Well, that didn't take long. Yes, I have it ;)

    2. Well of course I'm grateful to myself! What kind of a wretch would I be if I weren't? lol

      Aw, I could have saved you the trouble and told you you had that one. Ha!

      Meh. Leaves are easy to draw. You can do it too I bet! Though I am glad you like it. ;)

    3. I'll bet I can't! Haha! Seriously, you've never seen someone as unartistic as me. If I had a scanner I'd draw you my best leaf and send it to you as proof, but I don't, and drawing in paint is twice as hard...

    4. Ooof. I can't draw in paint if I tried. Remember that Dog with a Fork meme Misty posted? That's me drawing in paint of any other drawing program. You could draw a leaf if you tried. It's easy. I promise. Get like an Elm leaf or an Oak leaf and you'd be able to see just how easy it is. Nothing to it.

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    1. So I swear I responded to this. Really. Thank you! And Thank You for your patience in waiting for me to get rid of all the extra lines I accidentally left in the field! lol