Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Download-Tattoos-Dolphin Set

What girl hasn't looked longingly at a dolphin tattoo for her ankle, wrist, calf, shoulder, hip, or where ever else at least once? So make a girl's dream come true and get her that dolphin tattoo she's always wanted! Now in 4 delicious flavors. Yumm-o.

Now where's our lovely model? Ignacio? Shirtless if you please and give the nice people what they came for- a glimpse.

Mmmmmm. Now that's a sight that makes me happy-happy-happy!

Stylized Dolphin- filled and non-filled varieties. Just like the donuts at the Krispy-Kreme y'all.

<--- Preset 1- extra large extra dark.

                       Preset2 -->

<-- Preset 3. Lighter colors look a little odd since it is Alpha Channel only, but it's still not bad at all.


Filled Variety- Like icing on a cake.

                                    Preset 1   --->

<--- Preset 2

                                    Preset 3--->

Tribal Dolphin- graded. Cause that's the way, uh-huh uh-huh I like it! (Uh-huh Uh-huh)

<-- Preset number One! It's graded.

                           Preset 2--> I like this one. A lot.

<-- Preset 3. The bottom of the tail is not black, it is a very dark blue. Just so you know.

So you want a solid dolphin? Ok.
Preset 1--->

<---Preset 2.

                                                     Preset 3 --->

-Again, lighter colors in the alpha channel tend to bleed in game. This is something that happens with all in game tattoos. Just so you know.

Many thanks to Misty for these images. No copyrights or artist kudos today thanks to her y'all! *hugz!
Also thanks to CMar for the Tattooinator. Thanks to CMar and LeeFish for their tutorials on how to make tattoos. And I used GIMP to make the prettiez. You all make my life more wonderful each and every day.

Why are you still reading? Download the goods and leave a comment!


  1. I *so* love the graded tribal! The other one looks cool too, I like the filled version of it.

    1. Lol. Me too. I think the filled one loos better. I though about doing so alternate shading in the filled one and just haven't gotten around to doing it. Thanks though!

  2. I think you must be drunk when you write these... Crazy woman.
    I like the filled in one best :)
    We don't have Krispy Kreme over here :'( I think there's one in London, but I've never been to London.
    I really want a donut now...

    Also, I think Iggy prefers the tribal one. He looks like he's holding himself and crying on the other ones.

    1. No. I don't write these at night. And last night was the first night I've been drunk in a while. Half a pitcher of Bloody Mary's will do that though.

      Thank you!

      Lol. So do I. I'm hoping hubs will go and get me some in the morning. haha. I've been wanting donuts ever since I got this post written up actually.

      And that's totally why I picked these poses. Actually, he's covering his face with his hand in the tribal ones too. lol it's a total facepalm since I'm making him wear girly tattoos. Ha!