Friday, May 3, 2013

Downloads- Tattoos- Curvy Butterfly

Love that title. Makes me think of voluptuous wings. But this? Not quite. And I love this. I spent like 6 hours getting the original image all handpainted and perfect for tattooinating. It is not meant for a large tattoo. The lines are uber delicate and graceful and they distort a bit when you scale it up. Just a warning. But who cares about my silly warnings? Lets see the lovely goods.

First- here's the link to the original image. If I could draw this well all I would do is draw which is why I give credit. Visit the link and make the artist happy. It's not an ad. It's not spam. It's not even malicious. It's me just giving credit where it's due. oKay?

Ignacio? Care to model my girly tattoo on your manly body? I knew you'd pull through, darling!

This one comes in 3 lovely varieties. The first is Black outline Only.

As seen on the lower part of Ignacio's back.
The top is the first preset of the Solid Color Butterfly. It has three solid colored channels and a recolorable alpha channel.

The first Channel is the wings. The second channel is the little droplets at the end of the wings.

You can't see it in the pics, but the third channel is the little pearls of color in the body. Just a subtle hint of color in the middle to tantalize. Obviously, you can recolor the outlines as well.

And now, for the third edition of my lovely Curvy Butterflies. These are my babies, yo. It took me forever to get this right.

The Second set is filled with a gradient I had to create my own damn self. (Gee. I seem to have a theme here) So this is Preset One. It still uses all the channels including alpha. So recoloring these badboys is just plain orgasmic in game. Oh! The Possibilities!

Second preset of the Gradient Butterfly. Love that green, yo.

Third preset of the Gradient Curvy Butterfly. A la Flambe.

Enough of pretty pics! You want them in your game too right?

Snag em here!

Download Curvy Butterfly Tattoo Outline Only

Download Solid Curvy Butterfly Tattoo

Download Gradient Shaded Curvy Butterfly Tattoo

Many Thanks to Gemma and Misty for testing this lovely one! *hugs to you both! And, uh, I multiplied the awesome factor but like 50 and I redid it like 3 times after letting you both get a peek at it so y'all might want to redownload it. Sorry I forgot to tell you before! Oops! *hides behind hands
Also Thanks to CMar for his tattooinator and tutorial on making tattoos.
Thanks to LeeFish for his tutorial on making color tattoos.
And I used GIMP to make my prettiez.

What are you still here for? Leave a comment! Tell me you love them!


  1. You making butterfly tattoos still cracks me up. I so dig the gradients.

    1. The whole bit is supposed to crack you up! The needle-frightened tattoo-less chick from Hicksville, USA, via the South who makes tattoos for her sims? What is not to laugh at?
      I love those gradients too. They just pop sparkle and buzz electric. (cookies for anyone who gets that reference)

    2. OOOHHH!!! DAMN!!!!
      I can HEAR the voice in my head (the 'pop, sparkle and buzz electric') but I can't place it!!

      This is going to annoy me ALL DAMN DAY!

      It's definately a man. Trying to chat someone up, and failing...
      He's really geeky. I know I love whatever program/film it comes from.

      This is killing me. I hate you now.

      Oh, and I still love this butterflies. If I thought girly tattoos would fit my personality, I'd do it. The green/blue one if my fave. As I mentioned before.


      I don't hate you so much now.

      (Plus, I sat there for ages hoping it'd come to me before I posted that comment, so I could come across all casual like I just knew it. Trust my brain to tell me as soon as I'd posted it...)

    4. Lol! My son adores the show and we have all the seasons and to keep him calm we sometimes just put it on for hours so I can quote it really well now. So can he for that matter.

      I remember you liked that one! lol